Amelia Poe, 10 Songs, Vinyl Record, Limited Edition


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AMELIA POE (Guided By Spirits Records)

10 Song / Limited Edition / 12″ Vinyl LP / 140G  /  Cover art by : Curt Harbits



This eponymous release from songwriter Amelia Poe, aka Paula Catherine Valencia (of Crystal Radio and Blind Divine), is a graceful solo debut album. It’s clear that a true poet is at the helm here in the spare progressions of vocals and the lyrical pacing of the songs in general. The strong presence of a central speaker carries through the album, revealing a personal story of beauty found in dark places. Gorgeous vocals travel an impressive range from low distortions to clear, bright pop, often with both voices providing different points of view within the same song. Lush soundscapes crafted in collaboration with backing band Trees Speak (Damian Demetrius Diaz and Daniel Martin Diaz) are interspersed throughout the album, allowing the listener moments to reflect between the thoughtful lyrics so that everything may be properly absorbed. Tethered to ground by classic beats, often waltzing or swinging, Amelia Poe’s songs cast out into the aether with soaring vocals, accompanied by tremolo guitar, synth bursts and other modern textures in counterpoint. Often these arrangements swell gradually over the course of a song until reaching their resolution in a place of fullness, just shy of breaking open into something uncontrolled. These otherworldly songs maintain their mystery throughout. Something is always going on behind or underneath, something you can’t quite reach, like a half-faded memory, a ghost peripherally glimpsed. -Coleman Stevenson

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