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In “Catastrophe of Free Will” Daniel Martin Diaz examines the mysteries of scientific diagrams, secrets of symbols and their everlasting effect on our psyche. The inspiration for this new body of work comes from the mysteries of consciousness, self-aware systems, philosophy, cellular automata, AI, sacred geometry, time travel, and mystical behaviors at atomic and subatomic levels.

In recent years, Diaz became immersed in scientific and philosophical theories. In particular, he became obsessed with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through drawings. Although these rudimentary drawings were without any leanings towards aesthetics, he found them to be beautiful, though that is clearly not their intention. He was inspired to use the simplicity of drawing to create his own interpretations of the concepts of consciousness and other theories on a scientific, philosophical, and spiritual level. All of the projects begin as drawings, which have a beauty and intimacy that paintings cannot capture. Graphite’s allure comes from its subtle lines and the quickness in which one can capture an idea.


Catastrophe of Free Will
By Daniel Martin Diaz

7.25 x 10.25, 100 Pages, Black Cloth, Gold Foil Cover

Contributors: Janaka Stucky, Carl Hanni, David Walker Ph.D., Janice S Gore Ph.D.

“The laws of physics are the new miracles, quantum physics is the new witchcraft, and modern chemistry is the new alchemy.” –Diaz

“Diaz’s art has a strange mélange of ancient and contemporary. Part iconic, part emotionally laden and sorrowful lament.” –Raw Vision Magazine (UK)

[Diaz] is able to hold the “impossible” in his mind and then express it with utter crispness. From imagining the connections underlying consciousness to blueprinting extraterrestrial encounters.” –David Pescovitz


Catastrophe of Free Will
ISBN: 978-0-57823319-2 | Hard Cover
7.25 x 10.25 100 Pages, 2020
Published by 333 Publishing

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